We solve problems related to online businesses.

When something goes your way. Significant, sudden, good fortune.

Definition of “Hell Yeah”, Urban Dictionary

We are a high-end development team that use technology to help solve your business problems.

We focus on quality and client happiness. Constant and fast iterations, regular change of requirements is a norm, not an exception.

To make ourselves more efficient in our main goal, we make open-source side-projects which help developers to be productive. Some of them are widely used in dev industry — like Brunch, Chokidar, Chaplin and many others. These tools scale well, which means the process of turning prototype into ready-to-solve-real-issues app will be extremely quick.

Our expertise includes, but not limited to HIPAA-compliant apps for U.S. healthcare market, highly-interactive apps, single-page web services, and fintech apps.

Hell Yeah has been an indispensible part of our development team. They were extremely insightful, efficient, and effective. We cut our development costs by half and were able to deploy our main application within an extremely tight timeframe. We've got nothing but good things to say about Hell Yeah!

Steve Shreeve, CTO of Crossover Health

Paul is very talented engineer who provided invaluable help with our Salesforce integration.

Alex MacCaw, CEO of Clearbit

Paul @ Hell Yeah swooped in and saved the day by completing a project that previous developers had zero success completing properly! He was super responsive to all our requests, changes and updates, which made the workflow a great pleasure. Would definitely recommend Hell Yeah to anyone looking for a brilliant and dependable outsourced development resource!

Grace Fioravanti, CTO of Platform Purple

Paul is a very talented engineer and problem solver. He works with the latest technology to deliver us smart, efficient solutions. His work on Float will allow our business to scale for the enterprise and achieve our 2016 goals. Paul was responsive and thoughtful which gave us all confidence. Highly recommend Hell Yeah.

Glenn Rogers, CEO of Float

Paul was brought in solve a very critical problem during our first launch of the search engine. He helped figure out the issues very quickly. His approach was brilliant and saved us ton of time, otherwise would have been a major change in the way we were thinking to architect and deploy the solution a search engine friendly site. He responds quickly for any question in myriad of technologies we use. We love to use his expertise on an ongoing basis.

Ravi Ada, CTO of Medl.io

Paul from Hell Yeah is a brilliant software engineer. He brings honesty, integrity and an ability to solve problems quickly to every project. He is well-versed in many diverse technologies and willing to work through difficult problems few other developers could resolve. We look forward to working with him and the Hell Yeah team for all of our most important projects

Hunter Cross, CEO of Ponticlaro

Paul Miller

Digital nomad

Location: United States & Europe

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